Sales Rep Report

The Sales Rep Report is one of the most useful reports in commonsku. It allows you to pull up and track all of your/ your team's orders as they progress through the different stages of the order flow.


The filters on the Sales Rep Report allow for a wide variety of reports to be pulled at various levels of granularity.



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**The 'Include Inactive' toggle allows you to view inactive reps

**This filter will display different options depending on the form type



Generating a Report


To pull a report:

1. Click on the Reports tab - the Sales Rep Report will automatically load 


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2. Set your filters


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3. Press "Get Report" 


In the example below we have filtered by sales orders where Aaron is the order rep and the order status is "Pending Client Approval." The blue box beside the report filters gives a quick summary of all the details while the report itself shows the orders in greater detail.



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The report has twelve columns, which will display more information (if applicable) about the jobs you are viewing. Any of the details shown in blue text are hyperlinked and will redirect you to another part of the system if they're clicked on.


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*Applies only when viewing opportunities, presentation or estimates

**Applies only when viewing estimates, sales orders or invoices

***On estimates and sales orders this is based on the booked margin, on invoices it's based on the billed margin

****You can view as well as creates notes and reminders from this report



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4. You can export the report by clicking on the "Export" button

5. To reset the report, click on the "Reset" button


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